Turkey Pledges Continued Support for TRNC

Turkish Ambassador to Lefkoşa Derya Kanbay is continuing his visits to government officials.

North Cyprus News - Derya Kanbay - Aysegul BaybarsAmbassador Kanbay visited the Minister of Economy and Energy Özdil Nami and the Minister of Interior Ayşegül Baybars Kadri respectively and conveyed Turkey’s support to the TRNC.

Speaking during the visits, Ambassador Kanbay said “I want you to know that Turkey will always support your works and is ready to work with you.

The Economy and Energy Minister Özdil Nami for his part stressed that the powerful support provided by the Republic of Turkey was of vital importance for the TRNC economy.

Stating that the current cooperation with Turkey will continue increasingly, he said “we are aware that our cooperation should continue to increase in order to further develop our economy and to provide our people the prosperity they deserve”.

It is our duty to carry our relations further. Your visit is quite timely. You can be sure that the current cooperation will continue”, Nami added.

Interior Minister Ayşegül Baybars Kadri for her part stressed that they wanted to improve relations with Turkey and said “we will do our best to work with you on actions written in the government programme. We want to work together to further improve our relations and in this sense your support is of vital importance.


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