Turkey most practical route for Israeli gas

TRNC ambassador to Turkey Fazil Can Korkut said on Friday that the most practical route for the delivery of Israeli natural gas to Europe is via Turkey, ‘World Bulletin’ reports.

Israel plans to export its natural gas by one of two possible routes to reach the European market, according to energy experts.

While one of the options is to deliver the gas through South Cyprus to Greece and the rest of Europe, the other viable option is to use the route through North Cyprus to Turkey and then to Europe.

“Delivering the Israeli gas through southern Cyprus is not feasible,” said Korkut at an event held in Ankara to commemorate the foundation of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

“The cheapest and most practical way is to transfer the gas to Europe through Turkey,” he added.

Both Israel and Egypt held trilateral meetings with Greece and South Cyprus in November to discuss a strategy for the natural gas resources in eastern Mediterranean.

While Egypt needs natural gas imports to satisfy its rising demand for energy, Israel is said to have vast untapped gas resources at the Leviathan field, located off the coast of Israel and southeast of Cyprus.

The Leviathan field is estimated to have 510 billion cubic meters of natural gas reserves, while Cyprus’ Aphrodite gas field has 200 billion cubic meters, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration data.

“This project is only possible with a resolution of differences between the two sides. Unfortunately, tensions have so far outweighed resolve,” said Korkut, referring to differences between the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and South Cyprus.

The Greek Cypriot administration put peace talks on hold in early October after Turkey sent a research ship to explore oil and gas reserves off the island’s southern coast.

Turkey has said that the natural resources of Cyprus belong to the whole population of the island, and should be shared equally.

“The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has equal and sovereign rights to the island’s natural resources and will not change its policies,” said Korkut.

But he said that Turkey and the Republic of Northern Cyprus are determined to find a solution for the island.

“A technical committee should be formed so that the two sides may discover, extract, and share the hydrocarbon reserves of the island,” he concluded.

Meanwhile Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz said on Friday that the Turkish seismic exploration would be continuing its work offshore Cyprus.

“Whether it is located in the north, or in the south, or even in the EEZ, our ‘Barbarros Hayrettin Pasa’ will continue its explorations. This is an exploration for the whole Cyprus. We do not consider that the issue has turned into a crisis”, he said adding that the hydrocarbons belonged the whole island and should be explored in a fair manner when the island is reunited.

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