Turkey puts out tender for water management – TCs feel sidelined

A tender has been put out by Turkey’s State Water Affairs (DSI) for private companies to manage the water provided from Turkey to the North for a one year transitional period.

No reference is made to the TRNC in the tender, which includes privatisation during the one year transitional period, Havadis reports, adding that the fact that no reference is made to any institution of the TRNC has caused concern in some circles. The tender closes in July and it is not known whether firms which operate in the TRNC will be able to participate in it.

Turkish Cypriot daily Yeni Duzen has published statements by the chairman of the the Chambers of Architects and Engineers’ water committee, Bektas Goze, who said that they have no official information as regards the tender and added that lodging such a tender was no surprise to them, as this was provided in a protocol signed in May between Turkey and the TRNC.

Pointing out that they do not know the conditions of the tender, Goze added that the fact that the tender was lodged in Turkey, indicates that it will be very difficult for local businesses to participate.

Havadis, Yeni Duzen

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