Turkey reportedly withdraws TRNC citizenship demands

Turkey, which has previously insisted on the mass granting of TRNC citizenships and even invited the Speaker of the Assembly Sibel Siber to Ankara to discuss the issue, has changed its mind after it was persuaded that it would be wrong and there would be a price to pay.

Chief Editor of Kibris Postasi Rasih Resat, writes in his daily column that the new coalition government between the National Unity Party and the Democratic Party (UBP-DP), will not have to deal with the citizenship issue that put such pressure on the Republican Turkish Party (CTP) – former member of the coalition government.

Resat writes that the meeting held between President Akinci and Turkish President Erdogan, in the framework of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) in Istanbul, was very fruitful on this topic.

Resat writes: “Akinci told Erdogan about his reservations on the issue of citizenships; that this could create a significantly negative impact at the negotiation table. All the current TRNC citizens, without looking where they came from, where they were born or how they entered the country, will become citizens of the new Federal State, which will be a member of the EU. How would it be right, to endanger the situation of around 230 thousand existing TRNC citizens by adding 25-30 thousand more?”

The columnist further adds that as these arguments were presented to President Erdogan, he abandoned his demands and gave instructions to this end.

“Now, what is going to happen to the people who are expecting citizenship?”, Resat asks, and adds that those who will not be granted TRNC citizenship will continue to live in the North, in case a solution is reached, and may be granted citizenship of the Federal State, in accordance with EU laws, he concluded.

Kibris Postasi

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