Turkey shoots down Russian jet near Syrian border

Two Turkish F-16’s shot down a Russian-made SU-24 jet on 24th November near the Syrian border after it violated Turkish airspace, presidential sources said.

The Turkish armed forces stated that that the jet of “unknown nationality” had been warned ten times in five minutes that it was violating Turkish airspace.

Initial reports say that the jet was Russian, however, it was later clarified that that its identity was unknown at the time.

The jet crashed into tents in Latakia’s Yamadi village near the Syrian border where Turkmens are currently staying, according to Turkmen sources. Two pilots were seen landing with the aid of parachutes, witnesses said.

One of the pilots was captured by Turkmen forces in the region, while the search for the second pilot continues, CNN Türk reported, citing local sources.

The Prime Minister’s Office said that Turkey will consult with NATO and the United Nations on the developments at the border with Syria.

However, the Russian Defence Ministry said the downed Russian jet, which was at an altitude of 6,000 meters, had not violated Turkish airspace, adding that the fate of the pilots was unclear.


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