Turkey snubs Turkish Cypriot Football Federation

Turkish Cypriot Football Federation (KTFF) president Hasan Sertoglu has said that no one from the Turkish Football Federation had informed him about Yildirim Demiroren’s visit to North Cyprus.

President Dervis Eroglu met with Turkish Football Federation president Yildirim Demiroren at the Presidential palace yesterday.

Speaking on Genc TV, he said that Turkish Football Federation officials had told them that they do not recognise the KTFF and refuse to even sit and talk with its representatives.

Sertoglu repeated that they must become member of FIFA and that he was making efforts to solve the federation’s problems.

The KTFF has threatened to apply to join the Cyprus Football Federation (KOP) because currently there are no transfer fees paid to the cash-strapped federation when Turkish Cypriot players transfer to Turkey or other international teams. The KKTF is not recognised by FIFA or UEFA.

Replying to a question as regards his federation’s discussions with KOP, Sertoglu said that these discussions had yielded no results and argued that the FIFA President is the one who could influence this, adding that there is a hold up at the moment because of the elections at FIFA. He said that they had told KOP officials that they want to become partners and not members of KOP and that is when the problems began.

Asked if he would stop applying to join KOP if the problems of Turkish Cypriot football players playing in Turkey were solved, Sertoglu said that this would not end discussions with KOP.


Source Kibrisli

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