Turkey supports the TRNC no matter what: Aktay

Yasin Aktay, Turkish Vice President and responsible for Foreign Relations for the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), has argued that the AKP will continue its policy of being “one step ahead” in Cyprus and that Turkey abandoning Cyprus for the sake of the EU is out of the question, Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Havadis’ reports.

In statements to the newspaper, Aktay said that within ten years, the AKP had achieved things which the previous governments were not able to do in Cyprus and added that the most important thing was that they explained to the world that they are right on this issue. “Together with the AKP government we showed to the world that the Greek Cypriots are those who are not right on the Cyprus issue”, he claimed.

He added that at this stage Turkey has offer its support for the negotiating process in Cyprus and pointed out that the vital thing for them is that the pre-1974 experiences of the Turkish Cypriots in Cyprus should never happen again. He reiterated the Turkish position that the Turkish military intervention in Cyprus in 1974 had prevented the genocide of the Turkish Cypriots and further harm to the Turkish and the Greek Cypriots.

Aktay argued that Turkey wants a positive result in the ongoing negotiations for finding a solution to the Cyprus problem, but according to the information they get, things are becoming difficult due to the stance of the Greek Cypriots on the convergences achieved in the past and their insistence on not showing the necessary will for the solution. He said: “The Greek Cypriot side should change its stance in order for a solution in Cyprus to be reached. Let no one make the mistake of thinking that Turkey will leave the Turks of Cyprus alone in their just cause. Turkey will not let go its just cause in Cyprus, it will not abandon the Turks of Cyprus for the EU or for taking anything else”.

Asked whether the current situation in Cyprus is sustainable, he said that the existence of two states in an island is not a very good situation for the world, but when we see who exhibits a will for living together, we see that the Turkish Cypriots voted by 60% in favour of the Annan Plan and the Greek Cypriots said ‘no’.

Aktay continued that: “It means that a will towards accepting the Turks does not exist in the Greek Cypriot sector. Another reality is that a unification which is made made irresponsibly has no future. Therefore, the two equal sovereign states should be accepted as a parameter. Actually, no other way except for this is left in Cyprus. Of course, both sides accept that they have a common future and destiny on the island. Turkey has from the very beginning been providing and supporting formulas which did not close the door on two equal states within this framework and at the same time a common structure with which they could act together.

Accepting Cyprus into the EU without a solution to the Cyprus problem was a big mistake”, he concluded.

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