Turkey swamping TRNC with its policies BKP leader says

Chairman of the United Cyprus Party (BKP) Izzet Izcan, in a written statement, has expressed the view that the transformation of Turkey’s foreign policy to a “compromising stance” is very important as it also reflects on the Cyprus negotiations.

Stressing the need for south Cyprus and the Republic of Turkey to normalise their ties in order for an early solution to be found to the Cyprus problem, Izcan added that the normalisation of ties between south Cyprus and north Cyprus, is also inevitable.

Pointing to the example the lack of a common official policy in the case of the fire in the Solea area of the Troodos Mountains, Izcan underlined the need for cooperation between the two sides in order to find solutions to several problems.

Meanwhile, Turkish Cypriot daily Detay newspaper reported that Izcan, in another written statement, stated that the northern part of Cyprus has become a place where words fail and argued that their life and all sectors of the country such as the economy, education and health had collapsed.

Accusing those who rule the country of becoming the local agents of Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development party (AKP), Izcan claimed that the policies imposed on the TRNC by the AKP have led the country to this situation.

Referring to the establishment of the theological college and the sports coordination office in the TRNC, Izcan argued that this would dynamite the education system in the TRNC, since the main goal is to impose on the Turkish Cypriot community, the Sunni Islam way of living.

Haberal Kibrisli, Detay

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