Turkey to Start Gas Drilling Ops in E. Med Soon

Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Fatih Donmez has said that within the month or two, Turkey will undertake its first drilling for natural resources in the Mediterranean.

North Cyprus News - Turkish Energy Minister Fatih DonmezAsked to comment on the exploration for hydrocarbons carried out in the Eastern Mediterranean by the South Cyprus, Egypt and Israel and whether the areas in which Turkey will begin drilling are known, Donmez recalled that Turkey has been carrying out seismic researches in the Mediterranean for the past five years and noted that the data obtained during this researches are extremely important. He said:

“We have obtained a drilling platform. Within next one or two months it will start drilling. We called it ‘Fatih’ [translation: Conqueror]. Frankly speaking, we expect to conquer our hydrocarbons reserves in Eastern Mediterranean with this vessel. We are optimistic. Many neighbouring countries in the Eastern Mediterranean have found natural gas. Our data is also very good and positive. Our colleagues have made their assessments. We will launch our first drilling operation in Antalya’s open sea within the Turkish economic zone. The other will be offshore Mersin. This will be realised in the form of a search in more shallow sea. Turkey is unfortunately dependent on foreign sources in [the fields] of oil and natural gas. […]”

Noting that if they find oil and natural gas, this will be a “game changer” move, Donmez said: “We want to search for and find this natural gas or oil wherever it is, in the mainland or in the sea”.

Demokrat Bakis

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