Turkey training personnel to manage water distribution in North

Turkey’s Minister of Forestry and Water Affairs Veysel Eroglu has said President Erdogan wants the water pipeline operation between Turkey and Cyprus running by 20th October.

Eroglu also stated that it is their wish to have the water managed by experts from the private sector and added: “Turkey has spent 1 billion 600 million TL for this project. It is a very huge project. Of course there is also the matter of its management. There are the operation expenses of the pump station, the expenses of the purification plant, the electricity expenses and others. All these should be covered”.

Eroglu further stated that the water from Turkey will give life to Cyprus. If the TRNC government and its municipalities want to form an inspectorate they can, however, he noted that they have already chosen key personnel who are training in Turkey and North Cyprus to manage the water distribution.


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