Turkey intensifies seismic research in E. Meditteranean

Turkish Energy Minister, Berat Albayrak yesterday referred to Turkey’s “reciprocity policy” at every stage of South Cyprus’ explorations for hydrocarbon resources in its exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

Speaking at the 22nd World Petroleum Congress in Istanbul, Albayrak said that Turkey was focused on exploration for oil and natural gas in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea and that currently it was carrying out intensive seismic explorations in the Mediterranean.

Meanwhile, Ankara Anatolia news agency reports that Albayrak also stated that Turkey would increase its annual natural gas storage capacity to 11 billion cubic meters (bcm) by 2023. He said that the country’s current daily natural gas transmission system had the capacity of 190 million cubic meters. “This daily capacity will first increase to 300 million cubic meters and then we will take it up to 400 million cubic meters within two years”, he added.

He noted that Turkey was focusing on strengthening its energy security and domestic energy resources and added: “Thus, we focus on our seismic explorations both in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea region. We aim to reveal the gas and oil potential of these seas and want this potential to contribute to the region”.

According to Ankara Anatolia news agency, Turkey’s first seismic vessel, the ‘Barbaros Hayrettin Pasa’, has been conducting operations in the Mediterranean since April 2017, while a second vessel, the ‘MTA Oruc Reis’, will soon be ready for operations.

Havadis, Ankara Anatolia News Agency

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