Turkey wants fair and lasting peace in Cyprus: Cavusoglu

Turkey wants a lasting, fair and sustainable peace in Cyprus, which protects the rights of the two peoples, Turkey’s EU Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu (pictured left) said yesterday.

“We hope the peace process in Cyprus can take place under the roof and auspices of the United Nations,” Cavusoglu said during whilst attending a meeting on the Cyprus problem in Nicosia.

“The European Union can provide support, but given that the Greek Cypriot administration is part of the Union, it is not right that the EU should be at the [negotiation] table,” he added.

A joint declaration was agreed by both Turkish and Greek Cypriot leaders in February to negotiate on the unification of Cyprus under a two-state federation.

Greek Cypriot President Anastasiades recently said results on the talks should not be over-estimated. He said, “Progress is the fact that we are back in a dialogue, with a framework which we must all focus on, so that negotiations do not deviate from that framework.”

He said any impression given by Turkish Cypriot negotiators that the two sides were at a stage where concessions could be made were “false.”  He added, “I’m not saying this to accuse anyone, or to start the blame game … I wish it were like that, but we are not there.”

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