Turkey wants solution to CypProb: claims Talat

A local daily reports that the former Turkish Cypriot President, Mehmet Ali Talat has claimed that Turkey really wants a solution to the Cyprus problem and has demonstrated this since 2003.

Responding to a question on a Bayrak TV programme, Talat said that Turkey realises the importance of a solution and added that it is obvious that without a solution to the Cyprus problem, Turkey would not gain access to the European Union. Talat noted that in parallel to this, the Cyprus problem poisons all Turkey’s international relations and this is clearly seen at every step.

Assessing the view that the United States of America has stepped in to intervene in the Cyprus problem, Talat said that he also could see that America’s interest was increasing. He noted that he had held a meeting with an American diplomat six months ago and he had observed that the US had no interest in Cyprus at that time. Talat argued that the reason for America’s current interest in Cyprus is related to the improvement of the relations between Turkey and Israel by America, the increasing role of Turkey in the area and Turkey’s EU accession process.

Referring to the economic situation in the TRNC, Talat said that if Turkey had not given money to the North, the situation there would have been much worse than the one in the South of the island and that they should keep all these factors in mind.

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