Turkey warns against drilling in its maritime territories

Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Berat Albayrak has referred to Israel’s explorations and drilling for hydrocarbon resources in South Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and noted that Bloc 6 of Cyprus’ EEZ is a “law collusive area registered by Turkey with the United Nations”. Albayrak told Kanal 24 television that the recent activities [hydrocarbon exploration] by South Cyprus in the Mediterranean was “unacceptable”.

Albayrak said that this would not bring any benefits to Cyprus and the energy companies which have entered into this area, because “a law collusive area will bring you more harm than benefit. We will see this”, he argued.

Threatening legal sanctions against the energy companies that search for hydrocarbons on Turkey’s continental shelf, he added:

There is something else. We talk about peace, but as in 2004 during the Annan Plan, on the one hand you talk like this and on the other you pave the way of south Cyprus in a manner which will negatively influence peace. At the point we came to today, the negotiations, the process is at the point of being interrupted.

Additionally, Albayrak said that Turkey’s MTA Oruc Reis ship is going to the Mediterranean next week to conduct seismic explorations.


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