Turkey-TRNC water pipeline construction starts

Construction has begun on the under-sea water pipeline project to supply water from Turkey to the TRNC. At a factory in Tasucu a giant pipe production facility has gone into action, producing huge pipes to be used for the pipeline. These high density polyethylene pipes have a diameter of 1.6 meters and will be produced in 500 metre lengths.

The pipes will be suspended 250 meters below the Mediterranean and cover the 80 kilometres from the Alakopru Dam in Turkey to the Gecitkoy Dam in the TRNC. This is the first place in the world that such a suspension method has been used. The main factor behind it is to reduce the enormous pressures that would have resulted from the pipes being laid on the seabed. Other advantages are that the pipes can be laid in as straight a line as possible, avoiding the steep contours of the sea floor.

This is a complex project but the groundwork is now complete. Studies looking at earthquake activity, wind and water currents in the sea and pipe erosion in salt water have all been concluded.

Once complete, the pipeline will meet all of the TRNC’s water needs, both drinking and agricultural, for the next 50 years.

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