Turkey will continue supporting the TRNC

Turkey’s Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Fikri Isik, delivered a speech yesterday to the 1st TRNC KOBI summit and stated, that they will continue their diplomatic activities for a fair and viable solution in Cyprus. Besides that, he added, they will continue exerting pressure through all channels to lift the “unfair embargoes” imposed on the TRNC.

Isik went on and stressed the need for the business sector in North Cyprus to become competitive and for the TRNC’s economy to become innovative.

He also stated that the Turkish Republic will continue providing any kind of support for the development of the TRNC.

Giving a briefing about the grants and the standby credits that Turkey provided to entrepreneurs in the country, Isik added that Turkey will continue its contribution and support to the entrepreneurs in the TRNC as well.

Pointing to the important role of KOBI (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in the TRNC) for the development of the TRNC’s economy, Isik explained that the TRNC’s KOBI summit is taking place with the aim to determine KOBI’s strategies towards competition and development.

Referring to the water transferred from Turkey to the North, Isik said that this will bring prosperity in the TRNC and boost production in the country.

Kibris Gazetesi

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