Turkey will continue to support negotiations: Davutoglu

Following a one day visit to the TRNC on Monday, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said that said that the fact that his first visit abroad took place in the TRNC proves that Turkey always stands by the TRNC which, “was established with the free will of the Turkish Cypriots”. He added that “Our aim is for the TRNC to stand on its feet with a healthy democracy, economy and cultural structure.”

Speaking at a joint press conference alongside President Akinci, Davutoglu said that Turkey would continue to support the negotiations as a guarantor state. He noted that Turkey would not hesitate to take steps for a permanent solution. “Turkey’s position is very clear. We are ready to support any effort for a solution as we did in the case of the Annan Plan. Our common goal is the establishment of a Cyprus Republic based on bi-zonality and political equality. If Turkey, Greece, the Turkish Cypriot people and the Greek Cypriot people manage to come together, the fate of the eastern Mediterranean will change”, he said.

In reference to the water project supplying the TRNC with water piped under the sea from Turkey, Davutoglu said that “this water now belongs to the Turkish Cypriots. What is important is to make use of it correctly. We are discussing compromises and methods. There is no need for concern. The difficult phase has been completed and the water has come to Cyprus”, he stated.

For his part, President Akinci said that the existence of a strong TRNC, which would be able to stand on its own feet, is a basic precondition in order for the Turkish Cypriot people to be able to live with its own constituent state under the umbrella of a federation, inside the EU.

Pointing to the strong ties between Turkey and the TRNC, Akinci said that these are not only geographical, but also derive from their shared history and culture.

Referring to the Cyprus negotiations which have being going on for half a century, Akinci stressed the need for the talks to produce a solution which will be approved by both communities in Cyprus. He added that the road is rough and that they [the Turkish Cypriots] feel encouraged to overcome the difficulties.


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