Turkey should withdraw her ships: İzcan

United Cyprus Party (BKP) leader İzzet İzcan has said that the TRNC’s political parties are being dragged along in the wake of political tensions created by Turkey’s ruling AK party, and they are all releasing statements that only add to the tense atmosphere, ‘Kibris Postasi’ reports.

İzcan said: “Everyone should act more calmly and responsibly during these days of crisis. Both sides are against a solution and are adding fuel to the flames, trying to create a conundrum. In such a situation the groups which are claiming that they want a solution and peace should not be dragged behind the status quo but should be trying to put out the fire.”

“The AKP government who has sent war planes around Cyprus and created political tension is the one who is responsible for the Greek Cypriot side’s withdrawal from the negotiations“, the BKP leader said. He added that President Anastasiades who abandoned the negotiating table is as erroneous as Turkey’s tension politics. İzcan stated that in the current situation, the sectors who say they want a solution should be trying to end the crisis.

“The road to escaping the crisis is open and clear. Turkey should withdraw its warships from Cyprus’ seas immediately, after this, Anastasiades should return to the negotiation table. Confidence Building Measures should be actualised in parallel with the recommencing of comprehensive solution talks,” said İzcan, calling on both sides to be constructive and calm.

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