Turkey’s deputy PM now Minister for Cyprus Affairs

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Recep Akdağ has been appointed as the new Minister of State in Charge of Cyprus Affairs.

North Cyprus News - Tugrul TurkesAccording to columnist Gokhan Altiner, writing for Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris Postasi, minister Tugrul Turkes, was dismissed from the post because he had failed to get the UBP-DP coalition government to implement the economic protocol signed with Turkey.

Last week Turkey had a cabinet reshuffle and Turkes was one of the ministers who were dismissed.

According to the columnist, despite the fact that the UBP-DP coalition government signed the economic protocol, it has been dragging its feet over its implementation. He writes that during his recent visit to the TRNC, Turkes had warned the government over the issue. He also added the threat that Turkey would send no more money if they did not comply.

Mr. Tugrul Bey has shown more than enough tolerance to the TRNC government but our government has deceived him. As a result, the perception that Turkes had failed on Cyprus was born”, Altiner writes, noting that Turkes was the most informed Minister Responsible for Cyprus Affairs ever.

Kibris Postasi, BRT

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