Turkey’s Deputy PM Slams Cartoon Published by ‘Afrika’

There was uproar after Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Afrika’ published a cartoon insulting Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan which was drawn by a Greek artist.

The newspaper itself reported that “religous fanatics and nationalists belonging to the Grey Wolves organisation demonstrated in front of Afrika’s headquarters”. They were threatening to lynch the journalists working for the newspaper after Afrika re-published a cartoon that pictured a Greek statue urinating on President Erdogan, after his visit to Greece.

The paper writes that the instructions for the protests came directly from AKP’s headquarters in Ankara, “where the button for silencing Afrika was pressed”. The newspaper also writes that Ankara Anatolia news agency was first to publish the news about the protest.

Protestors laid a black wreath in front of Afrika’s door. Meanwhile, the police took great measures to protect the newspaper and its people. The Nationalist Democracy Party (DP) led by Serdar Denktash, has filed a case against the paper.

Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister responsible for Cyprus Affairs Recep Akdag (main photo), has called on the prosecutors in the TRNC to “do their duty” regarding the publishing of the offensive cartoon.

Akdag, speaking to Anadolu agency, lambasted Afrika, adding the following: “This is nothing else but shamefulness, dishonour and vulgarity. Those who did this will be asked to account to the justice. I will personally do my utmost in order for this immorality on behalf of the Turkish Cypriot people to be punished”.


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