Turkey’s EU accession and Cyprob are ‘twins’

Turkish EU Minister and Chief Negotiator Volkan Bozkir stated that the Cyprus problem and Turkish EU membership are “twin brothers”.

Bozkir who was on an official visit to Rome, was addressing a seminar organised by the International Relations Institute entitled ‘Turkey in Europe: Difficulties and opportunities’.

In his speech he said that the Cyprus problem is much easier to solve than the Syria issue or the Ukrainian crisis. He also said that Turkey’s EU membership has been progressing together with the Cyprus problem since both share “a fifty-year past”.

“Turkey wants to solve this problem very much. There are compromised parameters on both sides. Therefore the Cyprus problem can be solved. It is very sad that after the demolition of the Berlin wall which has celebrated its 25th anniversary to have a capital that is [still] divided by a wall”, he said.

He also said that the Cyprus problem had come very close to a solution with the Annan Plan in 2004 and added that should the Cyprus problem be solved, then that will open 14 EU chapters for Turkey and the country will become an EU member.

Finally, he added that the natural resources of the island belong to the entire island.

Kibris Gazetesi


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