Turkey’s first nuclear power plant a cause for concern

Concerns mount for Cyprus and the rest of the Mediterranean region if there should be an accident at the proposed nuclear power plant to be built in Akkoyu, Mersin in 2016, ‘Kibris Postasi’ reports.

CTP-BG MP Armağan Candan who has been closely following the project says that the island and the wider Mediterranean share  the same risks.

Devin Bahceci, Greenpeace Mediterranean Climate and Energy Campaign Coordinator said that in the event of an accident at the plant, it is not clear who would be responsible. Turkey’s first nuclear power plant is to be built by Russian state-owned company Rosatom. He added that the intention was to begin legal action against the approval of the Environmental Impact Assessment which was given on Tuesday by the Turkish Ministry for Environment and Urban Planning.

The nuclear power plant which is planned to be built at Mersin Akkuyu caused heated debates within Turkey, but the CED (Environmental Impact Assessment) report was approved the previous day by Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning.

Meanwhile General Secretary the Biologists Association, Hasan Sarptan stated that “If we consider the fault line in the area, it is certain that an accident will affect Eastern Europe, Russia and even Africa in significant degrees.”

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