Turkey’s Security and Guarantees Should Remain: Talat

North Cyprus News - Talat
Former President Mehmet Ali Talat

Former President, Mehmet Ali Talat has said that the outcome of the tripartite meeting in Berlin was as expected.

Talat also criticised President Mustafa Akinci for his statement after the summit that “We have put the derailed train on the right track”, adding that the only person who is back on track is the leader of the Greek Cypriot administration. Accusing Akinci of not following a proactive and multi-direction policy to solve the Cyprus problem, Talat said that Turkey and the coalition government in the TRNC are not back on track.

Referring to the statements made by UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres that he would work towards holding a five-party conference to be held at an appropriate time, Talat said that there should be good preparation work to this end. Talat stressed the need for everything to be prepared and only the issue of security and guarantees to be considered at the final stage.

On this issue, Talat said that he considers that the existing system of security and guarantees should not change. “I would prefer the continuation of the existing system of guarantees. However, if we fail to persuade the international community on this, I consider that there are formulas that could be discussed”, Talat argued.

Referring to the forthcoming presidential elections to be held next April in North Cyprus, Talat said that he believes that the leader of the Republican Turkish Party (CTP) Tufan Erhurman would be the most appropriate and the best candidate. Talat then reminded that the party’s base had failed to give its full support to Sibel Siber’s candidacy in the 2015 presidential elections and said that a similar thing should not happen in the forthcoming elections.


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