Turkish Airlines very popular in ‘Which?’ survey

Turkish Airlines came second in popularity in a survey of air passengers on short-haul trips compiled by ‘Which?’ magazine. With a score of 78%, points were awarded for baggage allowance, boarding arrangements, seat allocation, and food and drinks.

Unsurprisingly, Ryanair came last out of 16 contenders with only 34% in favour of the airline. Many passengers complained about the pricing structure which included extras that increased the overall cost of travel.

Ryanair is the least popular short-haul airline, according to a survey that gave the carrier its lowest approval rating ever. The survey was taken over a period of 12 months up to October.

Swiss was the most popular short-haul airline and achieved 82% popularity vote and 5 stars on some of the categories.

Lufthansa came third, Aer Lingus fourth, and KLM were fifth.

Turkish Airlines was the only airline to be awarded 3 stars in the food and drink category.

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