Turkish and Greek Cypriot politicians visit Aplic/Lefke crossing

Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot politicians visited the Lefke/Aplıç border crossing yesterday to inspect the work underway for the opening of the checkpoint, in an initiative of the Slovakian Embassy in South Cyprus.

The party representatives were greeted by the Mayor of Lefke Aziz Kaya and the District Officer Halil Çoban at the site.

Representatives of the Lefke Tourism Society, the Lefke Foundation, the Lefke Environment and Promotion Society, the Lefke Community Centre and the Denizli-Gemikonağı Development Society were also present during the visit.

Speaking before inspecting the road work at the Aplıç crossing point, Aziz Kaya said that the crossing point still lacked in infrastructure despite the fact that quite some time had gone by.

Explaining that a 960m² area had been tarmacked and security measures installed, Kaya stated that there was still much work to be done in the buffer zone and the South side of the crossing point.

He expressed the hope that work to finish the crossing point will begin in the first days of May.

Kaya also expressed the hope that work will speed up so that the crossing point will open at the same time with the Derinya checkpoint.

The Mayor of Lefke highlighted the importance of the Aplıç crossing point for the area, explaining that Lefke, once a bustling centre surrounded by 52 villages until the 1960s had later, become a dead end.

He said that Lefke with its university and title as a Cittaslow town had great potential, currently producing and growing 35% of the TRNC’s agricultural produce.

Mayor Kaya also asked for the Slovakian ambassador’s support to organise a bi-communal festival near the dam area in Lefke.


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