Turkish and Greek Cypriot shipbuilders sign historic deal

Two Cypriot shipyard owners one Turkish, one Greek have signed up as partners in an “historic agreement”.

The new partnership is named Ocean Well and comprises the Famagusta Shipyard Company and FAMA Group Ltd which operates at Limassol Shipyard.

The Famagusta Shipyard Company wants to undertake maintenance and repair of international tankers, while FAMA Group will perform the same functions with vessels under the Turkish flag in Limassol.

Shipyard Famagusta director, Ramazan Gündoğdu (on left) said that the aim of the agreement is to bring work from Limassol to Famagusta and vice versa.

Famagusta floating dock“With this agreement, in reality FAMA has managed after 41 years to reactivate its facilities in Famagusta,” Tomis Tzortzis FAMA chairman (r) said. “My family originates from Famagusta where we owned and operated the main shipyard in Cyprus. We could be considered the pioneers of ship repairing and building in Cyprus as my sons, who are actively involved in the business, are the fourth generation”.

The shipyards in Limassol and Famagusta whose floating docks – with a lifting capacity of 2,000 tonnes and 8,500 tonnes respectively – will offer services to companies involved in offshore hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation the director of FAMA Group said. The shipyard in Famagusta has, in addition, a slipway able to serve ships of up to 2,000 tonnes and can be utilised for new builds.

He added that thanks to their cooperation, they have become a very large shipyard, the biggest in the Eastern Mediterranean, having the one foot in Limassol and the other in Famagusta. Tzortzis argued that their cooperation will benefit the whole of Cyprus and wished that politicians would follow their example.


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