Turkish and TC contractors sign deal to rebuild Varosha

Turkish Cypriot building contractors have drafted agreements with Turkish contractors to rebuild Varosha, in the hope that a solution is found to the Cyprus problem.

Around two months ago, the Turkish Cypriot Building Contractors Association (KTIMB) agreed with the Turkish Contractors Association (TCA) to cooperate during and after the peace negotiations and jointly make use of the construction potential on the island after an agreement is signed.

The abandoned ghost town of Varosha was a popular and well known resort, until it was abandoned after Turkey launched its peace mission on the island in 1974. Greece had attempted a coup with the aim of uniting Cyprus to the mainland.

North Cyprus is in need of investment in its infrastructure and there are areas which hold great potential for developing the tourist industry. Varosha is the most notable of these.

Head of the TRNC Mithat Yenigün, TCA Secretary-General Haluk Büyükbaş and KTİMB chairman Cafer Gürcafer, along with contractors from both sides met up in Cyprus and signed a protocol for cooperation.

The contractors visited Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akıncı and a memorandum of understanding was signed between the two parties in a ceremony which was attended by Turkish Cypriot Finance Minister Birikim Özgür and Minister for Labour and the Interior Asım Akansoy.


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