Turkish anti-tank drills scare locals

Turkish military activity has alarmed the residents of Dherinyia. Mayor Andros Karayiannis is concerned about the anti-tank weapons drills by the Turkish army very near his town’s area. The United Nations also claim to be surprised by the exercises.

Citizen of the town which is divided by the UN buffer zone, are fearful and feel insecure about the explosions and the scattering of large quantities of sand that is used for protection around the firing range, the mayor said.

The municipality has not been properly informed by the UN of the drill, as is standard procedure and that after he contacted the UN civilian police, he was told that they too were not informed that the drill was to take place.

“Lately, the Turkish army is conducting drills near our municipality’s occupied beach within breathing space from the barbed wire. These are being carried out with anti-tank weapons and as a result, the explosions are deafening, causing fear and panic among our people and especially children, as schools and kindergartens are adjacent to the buffer zone,” the mayor told CNA.

“What happens to the shells. What happens if a soldier misses the target and instead of hitting the protective wall a missile changes course and hits us?” Karayiannis asked.

Drills often take place in the area with guns and machine guns, Karayiannis said, and it is rare that anti-tank weapons are fired.

Source Cyprus Mail

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