Turkish civilian flights banned from Syria (updated)

In a ‘retaliatory’ move, Syria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced on national TV that civilian flights from Turkey would be banned from flying over Syrian territory.
The move comes just days after Ankara decided to force-land planes bound for Syria that it suspected were carrying military cargo, although to date, there has been no official announcement of a similar ban from Turkey.

The Turkish government has called for Bashar Assad to step down as Prime Minister since it denounced the violence taking place across Syria. Last week a number of clashes occurred between the two nations after Syria fired mortar rounds into the border town of Akcakale as part of its on going attempt to quash an uprising against the regime.

As of 0:33  15/09/2012 – All Syrian commercial airliners have been barred from using Turkey airspace. The move comes as Syria denied Turkish commercial airliners the right of passage across its skies on Sunday morning.

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