Turkish coup attempt did not affect TRNC: Akinci

President Mustafa Akinci, addressing the Turkish Cypriots Akinci called on them not to worry about events in Turkey, adding that there is absolutely no problem in the TRNC.

He said: “There is no problem within our borders. We are taking some measures against possibilities for provocation. I met with the army corps and the security forces command. They are continuing their duties here within the chain of command. The coup attempt has no influence here. It has no influence at the borders as well. We are following the events in Turkey. Our only wish is for Turkey to find a solution to its problems and solve its problems in stability. Democracy is the only way out“.

The president said that he had expressed his concerns to the Turkish Minister for Foreign Affairs. He noted that the TRNC has very close relations with Turkey and both positive and negative developments in Turkey affected the North too.

Akinci argued that the attempted coup Turkey had ended positively, which demonstrated that the Turkish people supported democracy.

Wishing that Turkey continues being a civilian Republic, Akinci noted that elections are the solution. Expressing his worries about the situation, he argued that healing the wounds will take time and hoped for Turkey to be back to normal as soon as possible and that relations between the Turkish political parties improve.


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