Turkish Cypriot Council urges TCs in Britain to apply for TRNC citizenship

The Council of Turkish Cypriot Unions has called on Turkish Cypriots who live in the UK to apply for TRNC citizenship.

According to a statement issued by the Council, only 220,000 Turkish Cypriots will have citizenship of the new federal state that will be formed in a Cyprus settlement, following which only 22,000 Turkish Cypriots who live abroad will have the right to apply for it.

Stating that there are currently 300,000 Turkish Cypriots who live in the UK, the Council says that another reason for applying for TRNC citizenship is that Turkish Cypriots in the UK will no longer be EU citizens after Brexit.

Last November, the Council met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Tahsin Ertugruloglu who made the necessary preparations to ease application for TRNC citizenship.

Star Kibris

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