Turkish Cypriot Councillor Demands Direct Flights

Councillor for the London Borough of Enfield Nesimi Erbil, tabled a motion to the Council meeting on 21st March, 2018, to pressure the UK Government to lift the obstacles which are applied to direct flights from the UK to North Cyprus. In the motion, it was reported that approximately 60 thousand Turkish Cypriots are living in Enfield borough.

The motion states the following:

“Motion in the name of Councillor Nesimi Erbil

Many people from Cyprus came to the UK and settled in Enfield in the 1950s. Many of these people travel to Cyprus due to their family ties and homeland.

Most of them are travelling to Cyprus via third countries, due to the restriction on direct flights in some parts of Cyprus (Northern Cyprus Ercan International Airport). These travellers are mostly elderly, children, disabled and etc.

These people are travelling long hours and also have to stop to change planes to continue their journey. Which means more than 10 hours to reach Cyprus and paying double fees for their journey.

The above travellers are seriously affected by the distress caused by changeovers and long flights. So that people are not suffering from these issues, we as the Councillors representing Enfield residents should take this matter seriously and pressure the Government to take action in relation to this matter.

As a member of this Council, I am calling the Council to:

Raise this issue as a priority with the UK Government

Take action to implement direct flights from UK to Cyprus.”

Halkin Sesi

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