Turkish Cypriot couple go on trial for flying RoC flag

The trial of a Turkish Cypriot couple, charged in the North for flying the Republic of Cyprus flag, began on Thursday.

As they arrived at the courthouse, Koray Basdogrultmaci and Cinel Senem Husseyin were heckled by a group identified as the Grey Wolves.

However, also gathered around the courthouse were a group of Greek and Turkish Cypriots in support of the couple.

Basdogrultmaci unfolded a flag of the RoC in full view of the extremists who tried to snatch the flag away. Police who outnumbered the protesters, managed to get the couple into the courtroom.

After hearing the testimony of three police officers, the trial was adjourned and begins again at 10am this morning.

Coming out of the courthouse, Basdogrultmaci insisted they had done nothing wrong.

“Famagusta is part of Cyprus. All Cyprus is part of the European Union,” he told reporters.

Political parties, meanwhile, organised an event at the Ledra Palace checkpoint later in the afternoon, which Basdogrultmaci and Husseyin also attended after leaving court.

The couple were arrested in June 2013 for flying three flags of the RoC outside their home and shop in Famagusta.

They face charges of disturbing the peace, non-recognition of the TRNC and conspiracy to undermine and insult the TRNC. The final charge was added only this month.

The couple say that if convicted, they plan to take Turkey to the European Court of Human Rights.

Cyprus Mail

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