Turkish Cypriot Expats to be Surveyed

Kudret Ozersay, Foreign Minister, has has that the project, which is included in the government’s programme for Turkish Cypriots living abroad, is not a project of population, but a project aimed at registering the Turkish Cypriots living abroad by their own free will and strengthening their bonds [with the TRNC]. It also intends to facilitate the return of those who want to come back and live in Cyprus.

In a statement he made at the weekend, Ozersay noted that last week a survey had been launched with the participation of Turkish Cypriots living abroad, to assess to what extent the project is realistic and applicable. He added that the project will be shaped according to the picture which that will emerge after the results are registered and that they will be presented in London in July.

Ozersay noted that the government had taken no decision regarding granting the right to vote for Turkish Cypriots living abroad.


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