Turkish Cypriot football teams left out in the cold

The Turkish Cypriots who have been excluded from international law for years have suffered many difficulties and disappointments in several fields, Social Democracy Party (TDP) Cemal Ozyigit has said.

Pointing out that a particular example of this was the recent football game held between the national teams of Turkey and the Republic of Cyprus, which took place in Larnaca and the fact that the only Turkish Cypriots present were the fans.

Ozyigit went on and said that the only remedy to overcome their difficulties is through their integration with international law.

Referring to the solution of the Cyprus problem, Ozyigit said that it should be based on the 11th February Joint Declaration Agreement signed between the two sides, which envisages a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation based on political equality.

Ozyigit also condemned the fact that Turkey, which does not recognise the Republic of Cyprus, plays football games with the Republic of Cyprus, while on the contrary it does not do the same with the TRNC, which it does recognise.

He recalled statements made by President Mustafa Akinci, who directly after his election, said that their aim is to progress with the negotiations, to leave behind in history the problems derived from the Cyprus problem and to end the “unjust treatment” towards the Turkish Cypriots as a result of the non-solution.

He concluded by stressing the need for the process with the Cyprus Football Association (CFA or KOP) to be ended the soonest possible. “We should insist on this path, both for the sports in our country and also for our youth. Otherwise, the Turkish teams will continue to play matches in the south and will not be able to play even a friendly match with us. We will remain as fans and watchers at the games”, Ozyigit added.


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