Turkish Cypriot Lawyer Arrested in South: UPDATED

Turkish Cypriot Lawyer - Akan Kürşat
[Turkish Cypriot Lawyer – Akan Kürşat]
Turkish Cypriot lawyer Akan Kürşat, who was arrested in Italy, has been extradited to South Cyprus. Kürşat was reportedly taken from Rome to South Cyprus last night under the escort of the Cyprus Greek police, Yeniduzen reports. He was arrested and questioned upon his arrival in the South. 

According to Alphanews, Christos Andreu, spokesperson for the Greek Cypriot Police, announced that Kürşat was interrogated immediately upon his arrival in the south. Andreu mentioned that the criminal file related to Kürşat would be delivered to the Legal Department this morning, initiating the judicial process.

 Kürşat, who has been subject to a European arrest warrant since 2007, was arrested in his hotel in Italy on December 30 on charges of “forming an organisation to commit a crime, possessing and using property registered in another person’s name illegally, obtaining property through false statements, and legitimising income acquired from illegal activities. These charges relate to the seizure of Greek Cypriot property in Klepini (Arapköy).

UPDATE: Akan Kürşat was released on bail by the court today.

According to the media in the south, the court decided to release Akan with 10 thousand euros in cash and 65 thousand euros of bank guarantee.

Kürşat will be released until his case is heard on Thursday, February 29, at 10.30 am. 


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