Turkish Cypriot musician to sue South Cyprus government

A Turkish Cypriot musician, who was beaten and stabbed by Greek Cypriot nationalists at a music festival in Larnaca five years ago is to sue the South Cyprus authorities for two million euro.

A report by ‘Cyprus Today’ said that:

“Peace activist and guitarist Sertunc Akdogu is to launch a civil lawsuit against the Republic of Cyprus for failing to protect its citizens over the attack during the Larnaca Rainbow Festival on November 5, 2010.

Akdogu told that newspaper that: “No one has ever been held to account. We are seeking two million euro in compensation and my main fear is that there is a time limit on opening a case which is fast approaching.”

Akdogu and fellow musician Serhan Oncal were trapped in a side street by around 10 masked, black-clad nationalists armed with knives and baseball bats while trying to escape a riot which broke out during a festival speech on diversity by European Commission representative Androulla Kaminara.

The riot at the Phinikoudes promenade venues was sparked by a counter-demonstration by nationalist organisations including the Hellenic Resistance Movement, the Pan-Cyprus Anti-Occupation Movement, Cyprus Salvation and then DIKO MP Zaharias Kulias.

Mr Akdogu said: “They saw our guitars and went for us. I was protected by my guitar on my back, which was smashed to bits, but as I covered my head, one of them stabbed me in the side”.

Cyprus Today

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