Turkish Cypriot Politician Denied Entry to Turkey

Evrim Hınçal - TDP
[Evrim Hınçal – Gen Sec of TDP]
General Secretary of the  TDP Deputy and Secretary of Financial Affairs Evrim Hınçal announced this morning that he was not allowed to enter Turkey and was cited code N82*, Yeniduzen reports.

*Code “N82,” designates certain persons entering Turkey as risks to national security, thereby making them subject to deportation and ineligible to reenter the country. 

Sharing his experience on social media, Hınçal posted the following:

 “Good evening everyone, Today, taking advantage of the holiday after three years, my family and my brother Mehmet Harmancı and his family planned a short vacation a month ago. My daughter Doğa was born in February 2020, and in March, the pandemic process that affected the whole world began, and we are still experiencing its difficulties.

“ We planned to put Doğa on a plane for the first time and decided to go to Istanbul with the thought of ‘let it be a short journey, it’s our first experience.’ We arrived at Sabiha Gökçen at 10:40 in the morning; the Harmancı family, my wife Sevgen Damdelen, and my child passed passport control, but it was said that my name was on the ‘N82’ banned list, as some of our enlightened democratic friends in our country have also encountered, and my entry to Turkey was prevented. 

We tried to contact the relevant persons and I called our state officials for help, but unfortunately, we were sent back to our country with my family on the 18:40 plane. 

“When I asked what ‘N82’ is and why I am banned, the officials there told me that they cannot explain to me and that I need to apply to the consulate in my country.

“ Some of my friends have been experiencing these problems for a long time when entering the Republic of Turkey; we all witnessed these. We once again saw and experienced that this troublesome situation is a problem that needs to be solved. 

“There is a natural right called the right to travel for everyone living in the world, and I would like to clearly state here that I will consult with my lawyer Mr. Hüseyin Malyalı and started the necessary legal procedures for the restriction of my travel freedom. 

“The behaviour of the officials towards us was very good, but according to the rules, when my wife and daughter were put in separate cells, when my four-year-old child realised that we were put in separate cells and started crying and we reacted, we were kept waiting in a room with the door open.

“ This was one of the hardest moments of the day for me. (Rooms are locked from the outside and permission to leave is granted). I felt the need to share this process with the public. I would like to emphasise once again that I will pursue my rights legally. And during this process, I owe an apology to my daughter. I managed to put her on the plane, but she was deprived of what another country is like and what she will see for a month because of me, and therefore, my youngest friend, my daughter, I apologise, dad. Beautiful countries where we will enter without problems await us, my daughter. I wish everyone a happy holiday and hope it goes well”.

In July 2022, Yeniduzen reported that six people were refused entry into Turkey for similar reasons. On November 16, 2022, Havadis reported that its Editor-in Chief Cypriot journalist Başaran Düzgün, was denied entry to Turkey.

Düzgün told the Committee to Protect Journalists – CPJ via messaging app on November 21 that he had been stopped at customs at the Sabiha Gökçen Airport in Istanbul by the passport police, who told him that he was not allowed into Turkey. When he asked why, the journalist was told he had a “N82”code by his name on the records and was asked to return to Cyprus, which he did.

While every country has a right to defend its borders, it is reported that Turkey has faced criticism in recent years for its treatment of political dissidents, journalists, and human rights activists, both within the country and at its borders. There have been reports of individuals being denied entry into Turkey or facing deportation based on their political views or activities.


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