Turkish Cypriot Scientist Develops New Antibiotic

North Cyprus News - Mustafa Pehlivan - Pharmacist
[Mustafa Pehlivan- Pharmacist]
Sunday, 8 May 2022 

Turkish Cypriot pharmacist and academic Mustafa Pehlivan, has developed a new type of antibiotic he has called ‘Flavosilin’, Yeniduzen reported.

 It was reported that tests conducted in Sweden concluded that Flavosilin was effective against the resistant and deadly microorganism, which is known as the “hospital microbe”, against which the vast majority of antibiotics are ineffective.

Pehlivan, who works as a researcher at Cyprus International University, told TAK new agency about the new antibiotic he invented, and that the results of the tests at Uppsala University, Sweden, concluded that Flavosilin is effective against the hospital microbe. He said that the approval process of his invention continues.

Regarding his invention, Pehlivan said, “I am the unfinished dreams of people dying from resistant infectious diseases. Flavosilin will be a medicine and humanity will live“, he said.

Following completion of his doctorate programme in Pharmaceutical Chemistry at Istanbul Yeditepe University, Pehlivan completed his research and development of Flavosilin, which made possible by funding provided by TÜBİTAK. He continues his research on the synthesis of some original anti-metastatic agents in the field of pharmaceutical chemistry.

Pehlivan reported that the microbiology studies on Flavosilin at Yeditepe University showed that the compound of this antibiotic was successful as an active and original Penicillin derivative.

Stating that the collaborating institutions in Sweden attach great importance to the project and find the minimum inhibitory concentration findings of the Flavosilin compound positive and promising, Mustafa Pehlivan also included a draft operating plan for his project called Flavosilin, which is advancing in Europe, at a workshop organised by GİGEM this year. He said he was ready.

Pehlivan also noted that this plan was appreciated by the investors in Sweden, with whom he cooperates.


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