Turkish Cypriot swindled in land claim settlement

A Turkish Cypriot woman living in the UK received compensation against land that she had in South Cyprus in the Polemidya area.

However it has now come to light that over half of her compensation award was swindled by intermediaries.

Instead of the 6.6 million Euros awarded to her, she received 2.75 million. Three Greek Cypriots and a Turkish Cypriot were involved in the fraud.

The Greek Cypriot government had awarded her and her four children the 6.6 million Euros as being the current market value of her land. However she only received 2.75 million Euros and last week complained to the Greek Cypriot police.

Following initial investigations, the police issued arrest warrants for 4 people, one of them being a lawyer from Larnaca and another being a TRNC citizen.

A police spokesman has announced that the three Greek Cypriots have been arrested and that it is hoped that the UN will help in the arrest of the TRNC citizen.


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