Turkish Cypriot territory will never fall below 30%: Erdogan

While President Mustafa Akıncı and President Nicos Anastasiades are negotiating the criteria on territory in Mont Pèlerin, Switzerland, Turkish President Erdogan has reportedly said that Turkish Cypriot territory that “will never fall below 30 percent”.

President Erdogan, who was visiting the TRNC’s stand on Wednesday, met with Prime Minister Huseyin Ozgurgun at the opening of the 1st TRNC Fair in Istanbul. During this time they talked briefly about the ongoing negotiations. Ozgurgun said:

Turkey’s attitude is clear. Its attitude regarding guarantees is clear. So [Turkish Cypriot territory] will never fall below 30 percent. I think that Turkish President Erdogan may be hopeful of the talks. Of course, in these past two days, the Greek Cypriots are not going to agree too much. The Greek Cypriots want to have Güzelyurt. Turkey at this point is adamant that they will not.”

President Erdogan, regarding the five-party conference on territory and guarantees says: I will never touch the Guarantee agreements, but if the map we are referring to shows that the Greek Cypriots will compromise on land issues, if all is well, then we can sit down with Greece and talk at the five-party conference. But before that, he says there’s no way. Less than 30 percent of territory [for the Turkish Cypriots] will never be accepted”, said Ozgurgun.


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