Turkish Cypriot Weddings of The Past Published

North-Cyprus-News-Turkish-Cypriot-Wedding-in-the-PasNurperi Özgener’s book titled Turkish Cypriot Weddings From The Past has been published by the TRNC Ministry of Education and Culture.

According to a statement made by the Ministry of National Education and Culture, the book, published within the framework of the Department of Culture’s efforts to record and keep Turkish Cypriot culture alive, Nurperi Özgener describes Turkish Cypriot villagers’ weddings of yesteryear. The book is being distributed free of charge with the consent of the author. 

The Department of Culture has published 500 copies of the book, which includes photographs of Turkish Cypriot weddings taken in the past. It is a limited edition, available to readers and researchers interested in the subject who can obtain the book, free of charge, from the Office of Culture.


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