Turkish Cypriot wins 100th international award in photography

Turkish Cypriot photographer Mustafa Evirgen, who has been taking photos since the middle school years, has taken part in international photo competitions organised in Cyprus, Turkey, Serbia, Argentina, Finland, India, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia, Oman, Egypt, Britain, Hungary, Spain, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Kosovo.

Born in Nicosia, Evirgen, who is a silver medalist, continues his work both individually and with the group ‘Prime 4’.

Passionate about photography since 2008, he won his first award in an international competition in in December 2013. Evirgen has won many awards in local competitions, in addition to the awards he has won in competitions held in many countries, with the support of international photography organisations over the past three years.North Cyprus News - Photo by Mustafa Evirgen

His passion for photography began in the middle school years, continuing his work on the project titled “Gypsies in Cyprus” with Prime 4 group. Evirgen, who has developed his photographic work since 2008, has a story that will be an example for everyone. “In 2008 I bought a camera, two lenses and a camera bag with money saved from cutting out cigarettes for a year,” he says.

Over the last three years, Evirgen’s international awards, were given for photographs taken in Cyprus, Turkey, England and Scotland.

He that photography is a kind of meditation for him, forgetting everything when taking photographs, and looking at everything with a photographer’s eye. He emphasised that Cyprus is a particularly rich source for photographers, especially in human subjects.

Mustafa Evirgen, thinks that photographic exhibitions in the TRNC do not get the attention they deserve after the opening night.

Some of his photographs are have been published including, Mehmet Kansu’s “6 Seasons Pass” Haiku (traditional Japanese poetry) poems.


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