Turkish Cypriot Youngest Ever Council Leader

Enfield Council has elected 29-year-old Turkish Cypriot Nesil Çalışkan as its new leader.

She replaces Doug Taylor who led the council for eight years. Ms Çalışkan is the first woman to hold the post and is the youngest person to lead any council in England.

Speaking about her predecessor Doug Taylor she said, “Doug has been a brilliant Council leader who has steadied the ship during very difficult times for local authorities, at a time when this Conservative government has cut our budget by more than half since 2010. He consistently carried out his duties and I congratulate him for that.

She will be formally appointed Leader of the Council at its annual meeting on 23 May.

Enfield has one of the highest concentrations of British Turks in the country. An estimated one in five residents in the borough speaks Turkish. The recent local elections saw one third of all councillor places, 21 out of 63 places, filled by a member of the community, breaking records across London.

President Mustafa Akıncı celebrated the fact that the candidates of Turkish Cypriot origin, who succeeded in the local elections held in the UK on 3 May were elected as municipal councillors.

According to the statement made by the presidency, Akıncı used the following words in his message to the elected representatives:

The success you have shown us as a Turkish Cypriot candidate in the local elections held on 3 May 2018 in the United Kingdom has made us proud. I congratulate you on this important election and wish you continued success.”


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