Turkish Cypriot youth arrested for sheep stealing

Police have arrested a 19-year old Turkish Cypriot, Coskun Alaslan for theft and smuggling of sheep from the Republic of Cyprus to North Cyprus.

The incident had caused tension between the two communities last October, when he had been chased by three policemen from the RoC on the grounds that he had been carrying out smuggling in the area of Dhali village. Three policemen entered the north and it was alleged that they had beaten him up in front of his house.

Turkish Cypriot police arrested Alaslan yesterday for smuggling offences between October 2012 and 1 January 2013.

Alaslan argued that he had bought the sheep and that the only thing he had done illegally, was to  bring the sheep over to the north.  He added that this had been very easy to do, noting that the person to whom he sold the sheep, knew that this was smuggling. He alleged that he was innocent.

50 sheep, two rams and 13 new-born lambs, all electronically chipped by the Veterinary Department of the Republic of Cyprus, were found in three Turkish villages.

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