Turkish Cypriots Abroad Welcome Repatriation Scheme

It has been reported that Turkish Cypriots who live abroad, especially those living in the UK, have taken a positive view of the project undertaken by the TRNC government to encourage them to return to Cyprus.

The heads of Turkish Cypriot NGOs established abroad, have welcomed the news saying that listening to the opinions of ex-pat Turkish Cypriots who can make a positive contribution, will enhance government plans.

Turkish Cypriot businessmen who live in the UK and who, collectively, make an annual profit of £5 billion are open to making investments in the TRNC, especially in the tourism sector.

It is estimated that around 300,000 Turkish Cypriots currently live in the UK and they are members both of the Conservative and the Labour Party. There are 34 Turkish Cypriots who are members of local councils in various areas of London.


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