Turkish Cypriots celebrate the birth of the Prophet

Scores of Turkish Cypriot pilgrims visited the Hala Sultan Tekke mosque in Larnaca, to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of Prophet Muhammad, on Wednesday.

Over 1,100 Turkish Cypriot arrived at the mosque on Wednesday morning, CNA reported.

Speaking to the press, Cyprus Mufti Talip Atalay said that this year the celebrations for the birth of Prophet Muhammad come at the same time as Christmas and he wished Greek Cypriots a Merry Christmas.

“As you know we are here, today, on the basis of the dialogue I have with his Excellency Archbishop Chrysostomos,” he said referring to the religious track of the Cyprus peace process under the auspices of the Swedish Embassy and he thanked the UN and the leaders of all other religious groups in Cyprus for supporting their efforts.

“For many years this country has seen us live together in peace and this is a good example for us to build our future,” he added.“We need to take the best examples from the past in order to build our future,” Atalay said.

He also noted that there needed to be more confidence building measures in place. The ultimate aim should be to have a vision of cooperation not just in Cyprus but in the region as a whole, the Grand Mufti said.


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