Turkish Cypriots have earned a position in the world

The founding rector of the Near East University (YDU) Dr Suat Gunsel, has said that the Turkish Cypriots have earned their position in the world, ‘Halkin Sesi’ reports.

Delivering a speech at the House of Lords in London on Monday by special invitation, Dr Gunsel said that they have reached high levels in the fields of education and health in the TRNC and that they no longer have to go abroad for this. He went on to describe the achievements of the YDU in North Cyprus and abroad.

There are 10 universities and 75 thousand students in the TRNC he said, and that thanks to Northern Cyprus’ cultural of internationalism, there is less educational migration. He added that he did not want YDU just to be known to the rest of the world but actively sought out.

Meanwhile, during a meeting with Lord Sharkey, Liberal Democrat MPs and members of the House of Lords, Dr Gunsel was presented with an award for his contribution to the education and health of the Turkish Cypriot community by Baroness Meral Huseyin Ece.

The paper reports that a meal was hosted by Lady Butterworth for Dr Gunsel in one of the restaurants in the House. Also present at the meal were the TRNC’s representative from the London office, Oya Tuncali, other officials from the TRNC representative office and officials from the Turkish Embassy in London.

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