Turkish Cypriots from Limassol visit local wine festival

A group of Turkish Cypriots who were born in Limassol, returned to their former hometown to attend the Limassol Wine Festival on Saturday.

Around 100 Turkish Cypriots were invited to attend the festival by Limassol municipality. The event was part of the shared activities of the Turkish Cypriot Cultural Centre and the Limassol Cultural Centre.

North Cyprus News - Turkish Cypriots from Limassol visit wine festivalThe Turkish Cypriots guests were welcomed by Mayor Nikos Nikolaides who said that “such contacts are greatly significant”, and create the right kind of climate that should exist in Cyprus.

Chairman of the foundation, Yucem Rasimoglu, thanked the municipality and said it was the first time that the Turkish Cypriot Cultural Centre had organised a trip to the Wine Festival at the invitation of the Municipality.

Rasimoglu said they often visit their birthplace, while younger Turkish Cypriots hear stories about Limassol and the Wine Festival and were excited to be at the festival for the first time.

Turkish Cypriot Cultural centre met last week with the Limassol Mayor and decided to hold a number of shared activities and events in the near future.

Yucem Rasimoglu and former Limassol Mayor Andreas Christou were jointly awarded the bi-communal cooperation award by the Stelios Hadzioannou foundation last year, for the restoration of Turkish Cypriot monuments in Limassol.

Famagusta Gazette

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