Turkish Cypriots have not given up on the talks: Akinci

President Mustafa Akinci has dismissed speculation in the press that the Turkish Cypriot people have given up on a solution to the Cyprus problem.

He noted however, that they would not accept any solution just for the sake it.

Addressing an event in Tatlisu, the president said that it was only natural that there were highs and lows during the negotiations.

He said that he will continue to seek a solution by protecting the Turkish Cypriot peoples’ rights, equality, security and freedoms.

We in Cyprus have not given up on the idea of finding a viable solution to the Cyprus problem where we have equality. But this does not mean we will accept just any solution. We will continue on this path by protecting our rights, our equality, our security and freedom,” said Akinci.

He said that the problems being experienced today at the talks were for these reasons.

Explaining that they had raised their voices at the talks because of the dangers that could emerge in the future, the President said “how lovely it is to see that we did this all together. The government, the opposition, everyone from 7 to 70, men and women, villagers and all citizens we did this together. Even some people from the Greek Cypriot community had raised their voices because they too were aware of the wrong situation.”

Noting that new ways could be open through correcting this mistake, President Akinci said “by moving ahead to better days we will be stronger in the event of a possible solution.”


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